Born and raised in the 90s in the south of Germany. 

Living and working in Berlin as costume designer, stylist and set stylist.

Just finalized her Master Thesis in costume design at the UdK Berlin.

Before that studies in media science, theatre 

design, philosophy and acting in Germany and Canada.

Founding member of f9 feminist film collective.


Landestheater Linz / Yvon Chabrovski / ottobock. / Symrise / FYRST / HAU / Postbank / Flare Film GmbH / OTTO / Gegenbauer / C3 / visomate / 908 video GmbH / Malisa Stiftung / Inka Bause / Metropolitan Film Institue Berlin / Monika Dorniak



. costume design for 'Musclesuit'

production: Yvon Chabrovski

. costume design for 'König Ödipus' + Hanna Rode

production: Landestheater Linz - Schauspielhaus

. costume design for 'Brave New Bodies'

production: Yvon Chabrovski

. styling for 'HOW_TO video'

production: ottobock.

. stylist for 'Fyrst',

production: C3 Creative Code and Content, out of home

. costume and stage design for 'Houseclub', director Peter Wittenberg

production: Hebbel am Ufer Berlin, choreographer: Janne Gregor

. costume design concept for feature film 'Glück'

production: Flare Filme GmbH, director: Henrika Kull

. stylist for Postbank 'Mutter aller Banken'

production: C3 Creative Code and Content, social media campaign

. costume design for short film 'Savage'

production: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, director: Alma Buddecke

. stylist for Fyrst

production: C3 Creative Code and Content, web photos

. stylist for Gegenbauer

production: mc-quadrat Berlin, TV/cinema commercial

. stylist / set stylist for 'unbounded ambition' OTTO

production: visomate Kommunikationsagentur, social media campaign

. stylist for Volvic 'Wasser 2.0'

production: 908video, social media campaign

. costume design for 'Tears'

production: Metropolitan Film Institute, social media campaign

. costume design for MaLisa Stiftung

production: Hff Konrad Wolf Potsdam, info campaign

. stylist for Inka Bause

production: Telekult Agentur, music video

. costume design for feature flilm 'Die Zerstörten (AT)‘

production: Sutor Kolonko Produktion und DFFB, director: Günther Franke

. costume design for short film 'Sort Sol‘

production: DFFB, director: Rico Mahel

. costume design for short film 'Being You‘

production: DFFB, director: Jasmine Alakari

. costume design for ‚Neuntöter‘

BAT Studiotheater der HfS ERNST BUSCH, director: Felix Maria Zeppenfeld

. costume design for 'a semiological symphony'

director: Monika Gabriela Dorniak